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Epic Guitar is Ampersand Music School’s original guitar curriculum  designed to be a radical new approach to modern guitar pedagogy. If you have landed on this page you have most likely scanned one of our QR codes for extra materials in the appendix section. This page will be a repository for extra materials and will always be in the process of being upgraded and updated. If you feel like some piece of information would be helpful for learning guitar that is not included in the book or here, please let us know in the comments below

Book Playlists

Click here for Epic Guitar Playlists. The tracks that accompany the book can only be accessed through the QR codes or here.


Click here for a more in-depth look at music theory. This section includes triads, circle of 5ths, staff notation, and more. 

Reading Rhythms

Click here for additional reading rhythms materials. This sections has extra exercises for each chapter

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Epic Guitar is a passion project of our founders Benjamin and Ethan Shirey

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Benjamin Shirey

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Ethan Shirey

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