Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I register for lessons
How does your tuition work?

On the 1st of each month you will receive an electronic invoice via the email you provide to us during registration. This invoice can be paid online from that email where you can also sign up for autopay. Prices can be found HERE.

How do I sign up for autopay?

Inquire here to sign up for autopay.

Are music lessons in-home, online, or in-studio?

Ampersand Music School provides all in-home or online music lessons with exception to our band program, which is held at a local facility.

What kind of materials do I need to buy before my first lesson?
  • All Ampersand Music students will need the following list of equipment/supplies prior to starting lessons.

  • Practice Journal (order here)

  • Metronome (Many Metronome apps can be found)

  • Tuner (string instrument students)

  • The specific lesson book that your student needs will be evaluated by your instructor at the first lesson. Once it is determined, your instructor will provide you a link where you can order the material.   

How do I reschedule or cancel a lesson?

Reschedules must be submitted here no later than 24 hours before your scheduled lesson. Otherwise, the lesson will not be rescheduled or refunded. This keeps our instructors from driving to a location and losing the gas and time. As a courtesy, also text and/or call your instructor to let them know.

What if it is past the deadline and I need to cancel my lesson?

You can definitely do that. We understand that things come up, however lessons canceled after the deadline will not be rescheduled or made-up. Please notify your instructor immediately if you need to cancel last minute.

What if I or my child is sick?

As a music school, we do our best to stop the spread of sickness throughout our student base. In order for us to do that, we ask the parents of our students to inform their instructor about any sickness that you may have had in your home, and cancel lessons that would put our instructors at risk of catching that sickness and spreading it to other students and staff they encounter.

As a reminder, ALL reschedules must be submitted (here) on our website under the resources page no later than 24 hours before the lesson in question. Lessons can still be canceled if it is after the deadline, but those lessons won’t be made up. We realize that sometimes you don’t know until the last minute if you’re going to have to cancel, but with only limited time slots and instructors, this is a policy item that we operate by regardless of the reason of cancellation.

How does Ampersand Music School handle holidays?

You can find the Ampersand Music School calendar here Ampersand Music School operates on a 48 lessons per/year calendar. Ampersand Music School is closed on certain major holidays. These holiday closures and 1 inclement weather day have been built into the tuition schedule. In the long months students will receive five weeks of lessons and in the short months like December, students might only receive three weeks, but for most months students will receive four lessons. The tuition is the SAME each month. Make ups are not given for any holiday closures or for the included inclement weather day. See our school calendar available on our website for specific holidays.

What if my instructor reschedules the lesson?
There are times occasionally when your instructor will have to reschedule your lesson. When that happens, you will be given a make-up lesson credit to your account. Your instructor will then work with you to find a time to make-up the missed lesson.
Do you conduct background checks on your instructors?

Yes, Ampersand Music School conducts a complete background check and character review on all our Instructors.

How do I discontinue lessons with Ampersand Music?

To permanently cancel lessons, fill out our cancelation form here.