The Ampersand Way

At Ampersand Music we strive to enrich students with both the knowledge of the classics and the passion of contemporary top hits. Using our own curriculum developed by our teachers we combine classical music theory with popular styles and forms. This helps to keep the lessons interesting while still providing vital music theory and techniques.

Piano Lesson

Piano truly is one of the most important instruments in all of music history. With great songs and compositions ranging from Beethoven’s iconic piano sonatas, to Billy Joel’s “Piano Man,” and Matt Bellamy’s (Muse) epic rock solos the piano sits at the forefront of innovation and development in music.

Guitar Lessons

From epic rock solos to calm finger styles guitar is undoubtedly the icon of rock culture. Join masters like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hindrix, Jimi Page, Van Halen, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and B.B. King in making Guitar one of the most influential instruments of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. 

Drums Lessons

From iconic legends like Ringo Starr  to amazing talents like Shelia E., drummers are often the foundation of the bands that they play in. With Ampersand Music you will learn everything you need to know about drums from basic rudiments, beats, and fills to complex drum solos and improvising techniques.

Voice Lessons

There are so many styles of singing: Jazz, Rock, Blues, Pop, Latin, Metal, Broadway, and Opera just to name a few.  At ampersand music we tailor our vocal lessons to accommodate whatever styles the student is interested in. Learn vocal techniques like proper breathing, and how to use your diaphragm and larynx

Bass Lessons

There are so many great bassists from the last century; John Entwistle, Getty Lee, Paul McCartney, and John Paul Jones to name a few. Bassists provide the foundation for harmonic structure in music. Bands wouldn’t exist without them. Ampersand Music will help you take your bass playing to the next level.

Violin Lessons

Violin is one of the most revered and respected instruments in the world. It has a long prestigious history. Though it is most well known as the leader of the symphonic orchestra, the instrument can also be found amounts various genera’s such as Folk, bluegrass, country and many others.

Ukelele Lessons

This little instrument with its four nylon strings and petite size has often evoked serenity and tranquility throughout the decades. 

Songwritting Lessons

This is an ALL NEW group class we are doing that will explore various techniques and a practical approach to Songwriting. The class will be held over 6 weeks and will include an (optional) public performance. There my also a recording opportunity at a discounted rate for those who finish the course.

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